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In an industry that lacks authenticity and vulnerability, Eduardo’s book is a much-needed breath of fresh air. Among lawyers, there is no shortage of those wanting to share their successes and their big victories, but rare are those who let down their guard and let you really see them during the difficult times. In this book, Eduardo pulls back the curtain and gives you a rare glimpse into what it takes to go from immigrant to law firm owner in the US. The hard times, the good times, and everything in between, Eduardo tells it exactly how it is.

Igor Hernandez

Partner at Cornish Hernandez Gonzalez

Aspiring lawyers, recent graduates, and ambitious professionals seeking autonomy and fulfillment will find solace in Eduardo’s visionary approach. This book is a rallying cry for them to forge their own path and build their own small law firm. It’s a movement towards a more level legal playing field, where small firms thrive and corporations can no longer exploit their vast resources. Dive into a wealth of practical advice and actionable strategies designed to help you navigate the challenges of small firms.

Frank Nogareda

Private Banking Director

Embrace the power of small law firms and join the revolution with Eduardo’s groundbreaking book. Discover the untapped potential of building your own small law firm and gain the confidence to navigate the legal landscape. With a laser focus on small firms, this empowering guide equips law students and young lawyers with the tools, strategies, and unwavering support to overcome challenges, create a niche practice, and challenge the dominance of big law.

Jorge Garcia Menocal, Esq.

Attorney at GMIP Law

Discover the Secrets to Empower You As a Legal Entrepreneur

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On the Business of Law, You'll Also Receive:

  • Tips for law students & young lawyers interested in starting their own law firm
  • Advice on navigating the business side of law for lawyers with limited business & people skills
  • Insights into the landscape of the legal industry & the challenges faced by small law firms
  • Eduardo’s personal struggles & triumphs that provide relatable & authentic experiences
  • Empirical tips & advice backed by Eduardo’s own experiences & research
  • Practical insights beyond the legal field, with insights relevant to entrepreneurs in various industries
  • Tailored content for small firms & niche practices catering to a stable clientele
  • An answer to the question of “how I did it,” offering actionable tips & strategies for you to implement on your own journey


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About Author

Eduardo A. Maura Esq. is the founder of Miami-based law firm Ayala Law PA, as well as an inspirational figure in the legal community. Originally from Lima, Peru, he overcame challenges and setbacks to establish himself as a formidable trial attorney. After immigrating to the US, Eduardo initially ventured into the restaurant industry but faced adversity during the financial crisis. Undeterred, he pursued legal education, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy followed by a Juris Doctor Degree. With a strong academic foundation, Eduardo founded Ayala Law PA in 2013 and has since achieved remarkable success, securing favorable outcomes for his clients. Alongside his legal expertise, Eduardo is a respected writer, sharing his insights in renowned publications. His unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial spirit serve as an inspiration to aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs, showcasing the transformative power of perseverance and passion.